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Why did we open this career and college coaching service?

When I ‘failed’ retirement just two months in, my friends said it was time to ‘rewire’ instead. So, I reached into my passions. I looked into the part of me that loved working in schools, universities, career training, and even jointly producing educational TV programs with the BBC. I reached deep and SAVING MONEY through career and college planning emerged.

My wife was also a teacher, before changing to risk management. As parents and teachers, we’ve lived the problems of selecting a career and paying for college. In my case, I was the first in my family and it took four majors, two colleges, and too many career plans to get my BS. My wife’s story is similar but stretched over ten years. Fortunately for our checkbook, we had learned enough to coach our daughter though Purdue engineering in only four years with little college debt. That thrilled our parents who wished we had been so efficient, of course.

Our mission is to help students make Best Fit decisions for their careers, their schools, and their funding while keeping our fees low and quality high. We started by hiring clever techies to automate searching through the thousands of websites that claim to have solid information. That means we can focus on personal contact, not weeding through confusing or biased websites. We then hired faculty at Baylor University to create a highly reliable assessment that answers both career and college questions. Finally, we hired ‘rewired’ counselors who want to continue working but don’t need a full-time paycheck.

One friend said that we’re like one of those online travel sites but with real people instead of a gnome to talk to.

All of that means we keep our fees low, not like other services that charge $2,000 – $5,000. Or the services that keep their fees low with a hidden bias, such as selling student loans. I think that my Dad, who had an eighth-grade education and helped pay for my college by driving long-haul trucks, would have liked what we’re doing.

We are best known for

helping students understand themselves and selecting the career, field of study, school, and scholarships/ grants/ funding right for them.

Our clients tell us

we give them the personal attention and second opinion they’ve needed to know themselves and cut through the glut of confusing information online.

  • John Nelson, Co-founder and CEO, is a former teacher and employee of ACT, Inc. the college and career readiness specialists.
  • Gail Nelson, Co-founder and President, is also a former teacher and a corporate risk management specialist.
  • InformedCollegeDecisions.org works closely with CollegeChoiceToday of Waco, and Educating Classically of Denver.
  • Our company’s legal name is Informed Decisions LLC of Scottsdale, Arizona.

We work closely with PlanForCollege.net to offer a full range of services.

We are members of the

We proudly support the Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC) and Achieve60AZ Alliance’s goal of increasing the number of Arizona residents with a degree or certificate from 42% to 60%.

We support high school counselors by hosting the Arizona College and Career Coaching group on LinkedIn.