Our personal coaching helps you graduate job ready, on-time, on-budget. All of our Coaches are CollegeChoiceToday trained and highly experienced counselors, dedicated to helping one person at a time. They're backed by an online platform with the tools students need to confidently choose a career path, college, major, and funding.

Great College Decisions through College Planning

We’ve been through it. We understand that career and college decisions can be an expensive guessing game. That’s why we designed this program to manage the process, align expectations, and ensure the discovery of the best career and college fit, field of study, and money decisions for students and their parents.

Learning About Yourself

In the first step of our college planning program, you tell us about yourself through a 20-minute online career aptitude, interest, and skills assessment.

We then run the assessment results against more than 10,000 college, job, and scholarship databases. That includes the National Center for Education Statistics, the Institute of Education Sciences, and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network. They are our country’s primary sources of educational and occupational information.

We also pull data from thousands of schools and scholarship sites so that in addition to collecting important input and information from you, we pull information and data from trusted, up-to-date sources.

This data gives you and your personal Coach the information needed to start coaching.


College Assessment

Career Assessment

Coaching Begins

In Step 2 your Coach first reviews your passion, personality, and skills you reported in your assessment. Then your coach reviews the career, college, major and financial options identified by our computer search. With that information in hand your Coach prepares to interview you and your parents.

An expert in behavior and psychology, your Coach first asks the questions that help you and your family understand what you are looking for in your college experience and career to follow.

You, like all of our students, will receive customized coaching, tailored to your exact needs and aspirations. This part of coaching surfaces your — and your parent’s — goals and financial realities, fosters one of the most important conversations in your life (with your coach ready to guide of course), and identifies “Best Fits” for you.

Coaching Continues, As Long As You Want

Most importantly you’ll receive the coaching you need to work through all the information we provide.

You will receive

  • Insights about your strengths and characteristics, and how they align to future careers and educational opportunities.
  • Details about the top 20 careers that align with your passion, personality, and skills.
  • Focused, in-depth comparison of four “Best Fit” higher education options, with more available at no additional charge as you learn more about yourself from coaching and personal insights.
  • Ongoing access to scholarship, education, and career databases.
  • Ongoing coaching through your college years and into your first job hunt as a graduate or certificate holder.
  • All the time you want with your Coach.

It would take hundreds of hours of research to sort through that information without the help of your Coach and our technology in the background. It takes experts like our Coaches to sort through it and help you make sense of it.